Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

“Every person is unique and the more someone is different than you, it is more likely their skills and knowledge will be different from you.” – Jess Man

What is Diversity & Inclusion; and why does your organization need to address it immediately! 

Diversity is the act or practice of involving or including people from a range of different social, economical and ethical faucets. Inclusion is the act or practice of providing equal access and opportunities to all groups, even those who would normally be excluded. In this political climate, both diversity and inclusion are vitally important to all organizations. 
In 2010, 99,922 EEOC charges were filed against employers in Florida.  On average, about 67% of plaintiff’s win their cases, with an average settlement of $40,000 +.  The cost to litigate and defend employment cases can be in excess of $250,000 through trial. 



Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Services 

  • Develop an all-inclusive diversity and inclusion training program 
  • Customize a training program to your organization’s unique needs 
  • Make diversity and inclusion an active commitment in your organization 
  • Extend and maintain inclusion and diversity training throughout the life of your organization
  • Continue to develop supplemental training as trends change 
  • Development of hiring protocol to include inclusion and diversity as a company cultural standard. 

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